Noisy Telephone Line

Noisy Phone Line

In order to resolve your noisy phone line we need to know what kind of noisy phone line you have !

My Phone Line Is Noisy
My Phone Line Has a Crackling Sound
My Phone Line Has a Buzzing Sound
My Phone Line has interference like white noise (computer sound)
My Phone Line Has overhearing I can hear other people talking (sometimes referred to as a cross line)(but this is not a cross line!)
My Phone Line is Humming

When I worked for BTplc repairing BT Telephone Faults SkyTalk Telephone Faults TalkTalk Telephone Faults Plusnet Telephone Faults or any other service providers Telephone Line Faults, It was important to know know what type of noisy phone line you was experiencing in order which part of the telecoms network was causing the problem. This helped in resolving the issue quickly without delay. you will be surprised to know maybe, that most common noisy phone line faults are caused at the customer end of the network, ( within your property, on your wiring or equipment )
So There are some simple checks you can do to see if your noisy fault is at your property or your service provider responsibility to resolve.

Top 4 checks to test for a Noisy line

These 3 checks are almost the same procedure with any kind of Telephone Faults you may have.
Three tools you will need to test your telephone service
Firstly, If you have access to the internet, Click the following link to remote test your service ( Only a Guide )
Secondly, you will need a screwdrive.
Thirdly, A telephone and a micro filter if you have a broadband service on this line.

Now your Ready to proceed

Step 1,locate your master telephone socket
It Will Look Like one of these below 

Master telephone Socket NTE2000NTE200 MASTER TELEPHONE SOCKET
Openreach NTE5cNTE 5c Without the front screws, Push in clips at side
Mk4 vdsl plateNTE 5c with combined VDSL Filter
Push the Clips at the side, and Gently Pull Forward.

If you do not have one of the telephone sockets above you will not be able to test your service.
If you have a socket that looks like one of the two below THEN YOU WILL NOT be able to go any further as they are NOT a correct master socket.
Not a master socketNOT a correct master telephone socket
Not a correct masterNOT a correct master telephone socket

STEP 2, You have located one of those sockets in step 1

Take your screwdriver and and undo the two screws you see on the front.
Once undone, carefully pull towards you what you have just undone.
phone socketExample

Do not worry if at this point you start to see telephone wires hanging out, these are your internal wiring connections to your telephone extensions if you have any.
Either place the part you are now holding to one side or allow to hang freely

STEP 3, Now you will see another phone socket
test socket master This is your test socket
nte5c test socketTest socket Location on NTE 5c

Plug a micro filter into the test socket and then plug your phone into the micro filter 
a micro filter This is a micro filter.

Pick up the handset and listen for any noise on the line you may have. 
If the noisy line is still there, then one more thing to do before calling your service provider, try a different phone just in case it's your handset that is faulty.

If the noisy phone line has now gone "Yeepie" you have just proved that your telephone service to your property is now working all okay and the problem is on your internal wiring.

If this is the case then you can call Guys Like me only if I cover your area to fix the telephone fault within your property or find a local independent local telephone engineer near you
Click the following link to find one:

NOTE: If you are unable to perform the above tests for any reason then you will have two choices, Call your service provider for help, They will either arrange for a Openreach engineer to visit you on your be half,(be aware of the charges) or they will suggest a Local independent telephone engineer for you. Your second choice would be to locate a local telephone faults engineer your self, here some help