Reporting Telephone Faults BT Sky Talk Post Office Plusnet

Or any other Service provider

Be For You Do !  Ask yourself the Following questions !

Q 1: When Should I report a telephone fault or Broadband issue ?
    A: Only after you have tested your service within your TEST SOCKET. Your service  
        provider is  ONLY responsible up to and including your TEST SOCKET.

Q 2: What If I do not have a Correct Mater Telephone Socket ?
     A: You will not be able to test your service! you will need a Telephone Engineer.

Q 3: Who Can Fix My Telephone or Broadband Service ?
     A: Your service provider does NOT have Field Engineers! All Service 
           Providers rely on "Openreach" or,
           Independent Ex BT/ Openreach Engineers to Fix Faults within your                    Home. Like me: 07925 365 332 

Q 4: How Much Does It Cost ?
   A:  Openreach do not charge you, They charge your service provider.!
         Your service provider then charges You......
         However, You Will Be Charged Nothing, If the FAULT is proved be for the
         Test Socket. providing it has not been physically damaged by you or a                  third  party.

Q 5: How Much £ for £ Will I pay My Service Provider  For a Visit Charge ?
    A: Service Providers differ slightly on how much you will actually be                          charged. This depends mainly on what Openreach are charging your                     provider. £99 - £130 Visit Charge Only, If the Fault is proved to be                         Working Okay up  too and Including the Test Socket -PLEASE NOTE:                   That when this  happens, the Openreach Engineer will now leave. It is                 Openreach's  responsibility  only to prove or fix any fault up too and                     Including your Test  Socket (Demarcation Point) Any Fault on your                     Internal Wiring is your responsibility.

Q 6: How Much £ Will I pay My Service Provider to Fix a Fault in My Home ? 
         You will need to book an appointment with your service provider to fix a Fault in  
         your home ! PLEASE BE AWARE ! That if you are booking an Engineers visit to fix  
         your fault, Openreach will only fix it up too and Including your Test Socket 
         (Demarcation Point) and then Leave, Visit Charges will apply if up too the Test 
         Socket is Testing Okay and the Fault still exists on your wiring!
         If you have proved the fault is at your home and have booked an Engineers visit to 
         actually fix the fault in your home (can not stress this enough) .Then these are the 
         charges that your service provider will be charged by Openreach
        19th May 20013...£130 Visit Charge.
                                         £110.40 per part of and up to any hour.
                                         £??? Cost of any replacement parts, Sockets / Cable etc.....
         Total Minimum Cost £240.40 
         Your service provider will now be charging you ! They do differ on what they may 
         charge you for the visit charge, but not the hourly rate or parts:
                Someone has to pay Openreach to fix a Fault on YOUR wiring and in YOUR home
                If you had an installation / wiring provided by BT at some stage or openreach 
                that installation / wiring was only covered up to 12 months only,
                you now own all the wiring away from the Master Socket.
                 It is less expensive to call a Local Telephone Engineer ClickHere to Find One
Q 7: Who Is Openreach ?
          Openreach is a subsidiary company of BT 
          BT Split their company in two, BT Became a Service Provider (SP) (ISP)
          and the Field Engineers Became Openreach who install and maintain                 the network form the exchange to the Master Telephone Socket on                       Behalf  of All  Service Providers not just BT

NOTE: If I cover your area then you can call me direct to fix your telephone faults: Steve 07925 365 332

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