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Telephone Faults

Who Am I ?

An xBT Telephone Engineer and Openreach Broadband Engineer.

Now working for myself as a self employed Local Telephone Engineer Fixing Telephone Faults in the home.

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please visit my main website: MyPhoneGuy.co.uk

Local Telephone Engineer near me

Address: Location, Surrey, Uk

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Monday to Friday 07.00am - 6.30pm

Saturday's 08.15am - 13.30pm

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Faulty Phone Line Repaired

Faulty phone Line in the home repaired by a Telephone Engineer, Contact 07925 365332, A local telephone engineer can repair a faulty phone line within your home and can be located in your own area. The follow faulty phone lines can be repaired by a Telephone Engineer Near you.

Telephone Engineer Near Me

. No Dial Tone

. Noisy Telephone Line

. Telephone Bell Not Ringing

. Bell Constantly Ringing

. Permanently Engaged

. Damaged Telephone Wiring

. Telephone Cable Damage

. Telephone Socket repair

. Slow Broadband Speed

. Internet But No Phone Line

. Telephone Wiring Faults

. Telephone Cable Cut

. Telephone Line Not Working

Installation work carried out

. Phone Sockets Installed

. Infinity Moves

. Master Telephone Sockets

. Shift of Service

. Move Phone Socket

. Extra Telephone Sockets

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Telephone Faults Engineer Telephone Line Fault Fixed Around HALF The Cost Telephone Faults Engineer repairing phone wiring faults in the Home Local Telephone Engineer BT SKY TalkTalk EE Tesco Plusnet Openreach Post Office To name just few, Telephone Wiring and sockets in your Home Fixed Around HALF the cost to you.

BT Faults TalkTalk Faults SkyPhone Faults EE Faults Tesco Faults Post office Phone Faults Plusnet faults

No Matter who your service provider is !

I can repair your Telephone Line Fault within your Home on Your owned wiring.