Cost Of Repairing Telephone Faults

Cost Of Repairing Telephone Faults

To Help With any confusion I have simplified BT Openreach Charges, If you would like to calculate them yourself please do by visiting Openreach pricing HERE

One Set Fee!

Around HALF the cost

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Your Service Provider

NOTE 1: Your Service Provider Has NO Telephone Engineers! Openreach maintain the network form the telephone exchange up-to your first socket on behalf of all service providers, They are not BT.

NOTE 2: You ARE Only Renting The Phone Line From the Exchange up to 1 Master Telephone Socket.

NOTE 2a : Unless you are paying for rental of additional sockets and cabling, then all the Internal wiring and sockets are owned by the property owner

NOTE 2b : Check on your bill, it should say what you are renting, " Line on Line Box"

NOTE 3: When you moved into the property the wiring and phone sockets that were in place, you purchased with the property, If you have had Installation work since moving into the property from ether BT or Openreach or any other provider then that work was only guaranteed for one year, after which you own the sockets and wiring, unless you continue to RENT them!

Most Service Providers rely on Openreach to maintain the network from the exchange to your Master telephone socket, Openreach is a business and not a charitable organisation, Your service provider pays Openreach to maintain the network, and yes even BT pay Openreach. Your service Provider is also a business and not a charitable organisation, You pay them for a service to be received up to the 1 Telephone Socket, Unless you are paying for more!

So be mindful when you contact them complaining your phone line is not working and expecting them to sort it out for you for Free,

It will only be FREE to you if the line up-to the Test Socket is faulty and has not been physically damaged by outside sources. If the Telephone Fault is on your Owned wiring you will have to pay to get it repaired, imagine your phone Line is like cheap Christmas tree lights, If one part goes wrong it effects the whole circuit, including your handset. SO CHECK YOUR TEST SOCKET FIRST! Click HERE for some Help

So Remember, YOU OWN THE WIRING, SOCKETS and EQUIPMENT from the Master Telephone Socket Into your Home

89% Of ALL Telephone FAULTS are caused In the home, ON YOUR OWNED WIRING, sockets......



Openreach Installation cost:

UPDATED 01/04/2013

Normal Working Day Sundays/Bank Holidays Bank Holidays Standard Chargeable Visit £120.00+Vat £150.00+Vat £180.00+Vat

Hours Worked (Part thereof) £60.00+Vat £90.00+Vat £120.00+Vat

If Openreach Visit or a Contractor on their behalf and are on site for say 1 hour and 2 minutes = £120+vat Visit Charge + £60+Vat Part thereof hour = TOTAL Cost: £180

Okay That's the Visit Charge, "NOW What have we asked them to do"

UPDATED 01/04/2013

Internal and External Shifts £120.00+Vat

Standard Telephone Extension £120.00+Vat

The above pricing is easy to calculate, I have not included a calculation one for the the repair of your internal Telephone network because it would be to long to list all the parts, (see Below) The visit charge will apply and the part of thereof upto hourly rate still apply, you would just need to add the cost of the repair and the VAT!

So lets say we booked an appointment with our service provider for them to arrange an engineers visit to carry out 1 Telephone Extension, (1 Extra Phone Socket). Your service providers Call Centre will either book an appointment with openreach on your behalf, ( Openreach will then arrive or a contractor working on behalf of Openreach will arrive) or they will suggest you contact a local Independent telephone engineer yourself.

BUT, you being you decide to book it through your service providers call centre for Openreach to carry out the work.

Lets hope the engineer is an efficient type of human and not a slow methodical human as sometimes we all can be!

Example Of an Installation Cost

A Efficient Human

Visit Charge £120+Vat

Standard Installation of 1 Socket £120.00+Vat

Total Cost: £240+Vat =What ever the current rate is for Vat? There is also a small parts cost to add!

A Methodical Human

Visit Charge£120+Vat

Standard Installation £120+Vat

Additional part of 1 hour £60+Vat

Total Cost £300+Vat = What ever the current rate is for Vat! There is also a small parts cost to add!

One Set Fee!

Around HALF the cost

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Telephone Fault Repairs

Independent Local Telephone Engineers Total Cost " A Fraction of the Cost"

IF FOR ANY REASON: When you speak to your Call Centre and they say, for example: Oh the total cost will be.....(lets say) £75.00 to repair your telephone fault on your owned wiring, GREAT! FANTASTIC!, Now ask them to send you an E-mail confirming that exact Total Price that it is going to cost you, Then at least that way, when your charges are a lot higher your have some kind of come back when following the complaints procedure to try an obtain some kind of refund for the extra money it has cost you! for some help and advise at this stage go to Ofcom, They will ask you if you have followed your companys complaints procedure to the letter.

Bottom Line is This, when you speak to your service providers call center ask about all the charges, ask the right questions!

Q: What is the Visit Charge Cost? A: ( £130 Standard )

Q: What is the Hourly Rate ? A: ( £104 up-to and including any part hour )

Q: What is the Cost of the Actual Repair? A: ( £70-£85 Varies Between Providers )

Q: What is the Cost of Parts ? A: ( Unknown until Engineer has finished )

Q: Is that with or without VAT ? A: ( +20% Currently )

If the Telephone Line Fault is on your Owned network or you require additional Phone sockets and so on, you can call me instead, providing I cover your area as I charge a Fraction of the above cost's

If I do not cover your area, Sorry, but you may find a local Telephone Engineer at who does cover your area, Like me they are EX BT Engineers And Openreach Engineers with many years of service and expertise.

Openreach Repair Telephone Faults Cost Example:

Updated 01/04/13


Visit Charge £130 Standard.

Cost of Parts £--- Unknown Until Fault Fixed!

Hourly Rate £104 up to and including any part of any hour.

Total Cost: +Vat Depending On how Long it takes and what parts are used Min Visit Charge £130

Visit Charge £65.00 Only Payable If Fault is with your service provider. Follow These steps HERE to check befor you call. If you do not have a correct master telephone socket you will not be able to do the test yourself. you will need a professional Telephone Engineer.

Click HERE to see what Types of Master Telephone Sockets there are and where your TEST Socket is located.




Total Cost:

£65.00 If the Fault is Not on your property.

If the Telephone Fault is at your property then one Fixed Fee will be quoted to you when you call me (This fee Will NOT Change on arrival)

After 22 years of service with BT and Openreach As A Telephone Engineer and Broadband Engineer, When you Call Me and Speak Direct to me, my Experience and Expertise Will indicate to me what is required to resolve the telephone fault or Slow Broadband speed,

I will Give you One Price over the Phone and This WILL NOT change on arrival.


Test your Broadband Speed First ! Click HERE to do so

Then Follow the Steps as If you have NO Dial Tone ! Click HERE for help

Once you have removed your extension plate, set up your router in the test socket, within your master telephone socket then test your broadband speed again.

If your Broadband Speed or Test Result shows that you have Increased your Broadband Speed within the test socket, Then I can maintain that speed when your extension plate is reconnected.

If you are unable to perform the second above test, then you could give your service provider a call to see what speeds they think you should be receiving. you can use your first test as a guide. If your test is a lot lower than they say it should be, then you may find your internal wiring is causing the problem. You can call me direct to come test this for you as your internal wiring will need to be disconnect first In order to determine Where the problem lays. If the Problem Is with in your property I can resolve this and improve your Speeds.

WiFi Loss Of Signal or No WiFi signal

One main contributing factors to this is how much speed your broadband is receiving!

If it's Low, your WiFi signal will be Low

If it keeps dropping out, Then your broadband is loosing broadband speed as well!

you can read and maybe understand a little better is you read WiFi Loss Of Signal or No WiFi signal HERE

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