Test Telephone Line

How To Test Telephone Line

If you have a telephone handset, skip to instructions below on how to identify your Master Telephone Socket and the Test Socket within: I Can Only Repair your fault if it is at your property and then you can call me: 07925 365332 If your in Surrey and a small part of SW. For complete picture list of what Master Telephone Sockets are out there!

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Test My Telephone Line without handset then click one of the links and Follow Instructions:

BT Sky TalkTalk Virgin PlusNet


When you contact your service provider! You Will be asked to do the Test below first: The recommended telephone line test method would be to follow these instructions first: There are Only 5 Types of Master Telephone Sockets That Allow you to self test !

A Local Telephone Engineer in Surrey and SW London can be contacted on 07925 365332 If The Telephone Line Fault is at your property and you are in Surrey or SW London,


Your Service Provider Is Only Responsable To Repair Your Telephone Line Faults Up To and Including The Test Socket Within Your Master Telephone Socket FREE Of Charge,

Your Extension Wiring and Extension Sockets, any other wiring Belongs To YOU.

So If you Test Your Telephone Line with your Own Wiring Still Connected! You would be Charged By Your Service Provider For the Visit If the Telephone Fault Is Proved Onto Your Owned Wiring. You Need to be able to test your own service from your own wiring! If unsure how to do this follow the instructions below or contact your service provider

IF The Fault is On Your Wiring at your Home, Then I can Fix it, Providing your in my area, Surrey, and Sw London, Call me Direct on: Mobile: 07925 365332

How To Prove Your Own Wiring Is NOT Causing A Telephone or Broadband Fault.

Find Your Master Telephone Socket!

IF YOU Do Not Have A Master Telephone Socket Like The One's Below, You Will NOT Be Able to Test The service yourself.

So you will be looking for one of the "5" following master sockets.

Master Telephone Socket This Is Your Test Socket

Mater Telephone Socket
Test Telephone Line

Master Telephone Socket Master Telephone Socket

Master Telephone Socket
master Telephone Socket

To Access to the Test socket on the above 3 master sockets, you will need to undo the two front screws that you see on the front, This will allow you access to the test socket as seen above right.

On The Below 2 Master Sockets,

To access the test socket, press the sides together to release the front plate

Master Socket Master Socket Test Socket

master telephone socket
Master Telephone Socket
Master Telephone Test Socket

IF YOU DO NOT Have One of the above Master Telephone Sockets your will need a Telephone Engineer to do this for you, You can arrange for an Openreach Engineer to visit Via your Service Provider or you can contact a Local Telephone Engineer near you, "IF" I Cover your area then please give me a call on 07925 365332 Alternatively To Find a Local Telephone Engineer Near you Click: LocalTelephoneEngineers.co.uk

IF YOU DO Have one of the above Master Telephone Sockets above, Then please follow the instructions below for Each Type of Fault you have.

Click: No Dial Tone

Click: Noisy Phone Line

Click: No Dial Tone But Internet Works

Any Other Telephone Line Fault,

Click here and follow the instructions to test your service.

BT Telephone Line Tester

Sky Telephone Line Tester

TalkTalk Telephone Line Tester

Plusnet Telephone Line Tester

Virgin Telephone Line Tester

How Telephone line faults are Fixed?

Help Is at hand if the telephone line fault is at your property, you can call A Local Telephone Engineer direct 07925 365 332, Telephone Line Faults which effect your broadband and house Phone should first be reported to your service provider, When the telephone service fault is proved to be at your property, then this is when a Local Telephone Engineer can help you!.